Panther Associated is a solutions provider and a sought after, business growth company. We service clients of all sizes and have applied our proven experience to diverse industries from small towns to mega metropolitan markets.



Our Philosophy

Working with our clients to show them how to attain, maintain and sustain their customers and clients is our passion; and adding profitability to the mix is why clients come back again and again. We leverage the 30 years of proven experience EACH Associate and Partner at Panther Associated has acquired. We come from a diverse field of industries, to collaborate and put that experience to your success and project.

Our motto, which we share with our clients, is “Profitability and Sales Growth Experts”. Every business owner wants to grow their business. We invite you to rethink how with Panther.


A few Interesting Facts of Panther Associated

The Proof is in the Numbers

Panther Associated continues to be a high ROI solution to small, medium, and large clients far and wide. Over the last three years, Panther has helped many local and regional business' navigate their business world and improve their performance.

Over the course of a recent 12-month period, our clients reported an annual aggregated:

  • • millions of dollars in sales increases.
  • • millions of dollars in cost savings.
  • • millions of dollars in prevented expenditures and losses.
  • • over 1000 jobs created or retained.

These results represent a 9:1 Return on Consulting Investment.


Notable Notes

The night following a Customer appreciation event for one of Canadas largest companies, produced by a Panther Associated Partner, Radio Announcers from CBC Radio in Canada, who happened to be in attendance, spoke accolades for the event nationally for over 20 minutes Coast to Coast the following morning.

Following the retirement of a corporate CEO, of the largest company of its kind in the world, This industry titan acclaimed a conference produced by a Panther Associated Partner, as one of four most memorable events of his career - to his Wall Street audience in his farewell speech.

Many of the ideas, protocols, and features of our services first requested and required by Panther Associated to its supply partners, first said not possible; not only became possible, and proven to be a highlight of a project, they subsequentially became a repeated offering of these same partners for their customers as a new feature for their products. These ground-breaking, out-of-the-box ideas remain in use to this day, throughout the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, United States of America, and Canada.



Meet Panther Associated


The Panther Associated Team

Panther is led by directors who manage strategy and operations, as well as drive the company’s commitment to create extraordinary results for our clients. Working with us are a wide range of experienced individuals, made up of Senior Partners, Senior and Junior Associates, as well as an incredibly talented support staff we like to call Para-Consults.
Danny Burgess, President and CEO, ensures everyone in every position at Panther Associated has a passion for helping our clients thrive in their business world.
Danny Burgess is also the co-creator of POST®, an incredible interactive sales training course being taught across North America to companies and organizations that want to attain, maintain, and sustain sales and success.  His soon to be published book, Surviving Typhoons and Hurricanes when the Volcano Blows, will be available in all markets in 2023.
We have experience in building and managing businesses within a diverse group of industries; as well as holding senior managerial roles for TSE Canadian Corporations and Wall Street USA International Corporations with sales in the Billions of dollars. The Panther Associated team has also worked extensively over the past 25 years with businesses with annual sales of $500,000-$50,000,000.