Industries Served

Why Panther?

Panther is a colloquial term used to refer to large felines classified in the genus Panthera. Panthers have in common, efficient, and powerful movements and a propensity for clever planning.

By use of the word “Panther” in our business name, it is our intention that clients will associate our firm and our services with these same desirable qualities.



Our experts help these industries Attain, Maintain and Sustain business and success:


Consumer Products

If you are in business of supplying manufactured goods, sold primarily for personal, family and household purposes, we can help. We have experience across many diverse industries such as apparel, beverages, automobiles, food, furniture, toys, major household items, pleasure boats, printing, sporting, and athletic products. This vital industry represents approximately 30% of the manufacturing GDP economy and 40% of employment.


Foodservice and Hospitality

This highly specialized industry will be in good hands with Panthers seasoned experts. With over each of our experts having over 25 years experience in foodservice and hospitality, you have come to the right place for all things foodservice. If you are in the business that provide food and hospitality outside the home, we can help.


Professional Services

This remarkably diverse industry can include Financial, Legal, Engineering. Management, Medical, Accounting. Regardless of your discipline, sales and client attainment and retention is at the forefront of your success. Panther is ready to take on the challenge to bring you to the next level of success.


Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate is only viable if your building or land is generating a profit through capital gains or rental income. Whether you have an office building, medical centre, hotel, shopping centre, retail stores, multi family housing, farm land, warehouses or garages we can bring a fresh approach to ensure you receive the rental income or capital gains you intended.


Residential Real Estate

If you call this industry home, your success is based upon property listings and sales. Your revenue is a direct collation of three components of a sale.

  1. The first component is given to the company whose sales agent listed the property for sale.
  2. A second component is given to the sales agent who negotiated and attained the listing for the listing company.
  3. The last component is given to the actual sales agent who writes up the agreement and completes the negotiation.

The difference between receiving all three components of the revenue structure, two or just one, is the difference between being a great seller or a great real estate professional in a more lucrative and sustainable career. 

There is a big difference between being a great seller and being a great strategist and marketer. Great residential real estate sellers are not created in a “hot market”; even the biggest companies grow despite themselves. Let us help.


Benevolent Organizations

Every organization relies on maintaining a front-of-mind status to their current patrons and increase their awareness to others. A physical presence in an acquired or rented facility involves revenue stream management and reducing unnecessary expenses; especially with most revenues coming through donations, estate giving and philanthropy.

At Panther, we understand staying visible and top of mind is very costly and funds are not always readily available. Like any business, a benevolent organization needs to attain, maintain and sustain a revenue stream as well as an active and participating patron group.

It’s never about changing the mission; just the way and to who the message can be delivered to.