Bottom Line Profit Protection

Risk Assessments and Security.

Profitability has a direct correlation to a secure and well monitored organization. A prudent security program and operating protocols can remove situations that adversely affect profitability and create a safer and more comfortable environment for patrons and employees.

Panther will provide experienced security experts, with exemplary qualifications. Over the years our experts have managed, developed, and participated in the strategy, implementation, command and instruction of elite security programs and investigations, and surveillance (including undercover surveillance).



Protect your Profits
  • Protection of patrons, staff, management, inventory, theft prevention, and qualified prosecutable evidence and personal safety are of great concern in this day. Panther uncovers and reveals the problem and will continue to fix it. Our findings are professionally and expertly documented to allow actionable responses, up to and including criminal prosecution.
Prevention of Lost Profits or Loss of Entire Business
  • A trained eye sees far beyond what the normal eye sees and when danger or loss or personal harm is identified or predicated as a possibility, we will develop the plans to neutralize the situation the legal way - always within the legal code and laws of our working geographical area.
  • When it comes to risk assessments, security and prevention, our senior director of security programs (former 28 year, nationally decorated, Sergeant with R.C.M.P.) is one of only two Certified Criminal Strategist in Canada. That expertise, which lead to successful conclusions to Canada’s most heinous crimes can bring your challenges to a successful conclusion as well. We are qualified and certified as expert witnesses in criminal investigations in all levels of court in Canada.
  • Notable cases lead by our experts while in law enforcement are serial killer Robert Pickton (62 known victims at The Farm, Pickton Pig Farm), Canadian serial killer Clifford Olsen (11 known victims, aged 9-18 in British Columbia known as The Beast of British Columbia) and Canadas largest and most vicious organized crime syndicates. Many sustaining convictions after multiple appeals up to and including the Supreme Court of Canada.

The focus with Panther is always taking our expert security knowledge into your business.

Whether it is focused on people, inventory, fraud, property, or processes, at the end of every business day we ensure you retain your hard earned return on investment.

We protect and secure what you have worked hard for.

  • Dealing with Panther Associated is effortless. We are just a short phone call or quick email away to get things started.
  • We always begin our Risk Assessment and Security projects with a 30-minute telephone consultation at NO CHARGE.
  • Panther’s hourly rates for Risk Assessments and Security range from $125.00/hour to $250.00/hour. Rate is specified and contracted in advance and is based upon the consultant’s degree of expertise, and associate status – Junior Associate, Senior Associate or Firm Partner.
  • For your convenience, we accept all methods of payment including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Debit, and of course Cheque.