Branding Strategies

Planning and Implementation.

Here is some sound advice - Define who You are (your brand identity) before your competitors do...Panther can create brands that change industries.

Panther is an innovator, and leader for large and small business. Our clients' brands generate record sales levels and powerful brand equity – our brands have dominated markets. They inspire, they innovate, and they communicate their "special-ness" with skill and strategic discipline so markets become theirs to lose; and the competition to win. Panther wants to innovate and lead for you!





Brand Strategy

Whether a small or large company, Brand Strategy is the single most important driver of Success and Equity that any company can develop. Whether it be small business, large business to global icons, brand strategy is the key driver of business success. Launching new products, entering new markets, revitalising old brands/products, or going for expansion – all require "best in class" brand strategy prowess and brand strategists. Or risk failure.

Responsible for creating, managing, and evolving a powerful brand, brand strategy is a supreme skill and value-add (it is a key competitive advantage) that opens new markets and generates domination of historical ones.

Brand is More than a Logo

  • Panther believes brands and brand strategy must go far beyond logos, motif, and creative—becoming the key drivers of vision, deep analysis, future planning, and every strategic and operationally-based function of the firm.
  • Small Business, Big business, B2B, B2C, Traditional, Online, D2C; every brand needs expert management to ensure maximum equity build and leveraging of brand assets.
Brand is a result of Strategy and Tactical Planning

Brand is your business, including identity, business, sales, CRM, creative/design, communications, production, Insight, channel, brand equity management, and price. Brand management also involves strategic and tactical planning into a unified operational vehicle.

Brand management is a complex, highly integrated, and skilled endeavour requiring broad, expert skill sets and significant responsibility. In sum, brand management is a key-driver of company success, competitive advantage, and equity build.

Products can temporarily dazzle, but only brand identity can inspire customers to enter into and keep a relationship.

People do not buy inanimate, emotionless products; they buy unique, compelling brand identities and their personalities.

A Brand's identity seals a deal and keeps it perpetuating. It brings down the barriers to likability, interest, credibility, performance, purchase, and loyalty.

Brand identity is a powerful strategic and competitive weapon when skillfully used, opening new markets and locking-out competitors.

  • Dealing with Panther Associated is effortless. We are just a short phone call or quick email away to get things started.
  • We always provide two telephone consultations to start all Branding Strategies projects at NO CHARGE.
  • The first telephone consultation will be approximately 30 minutes to take the “nickel tour” of your business to attain very general information of your current business - This is where you do all the talking.
  • The second telephone consultation will be approximately 30-60 minutes and will be used to discuss the opportunities or challenges you are facing. This is where we do a lot of the talking.
  • Various projects may allow us to quote a Flat Fee for the completed project. If an hourly rate is preferred, our hourly rates range from $125.00/hour to $400.00/hour. Rate is specified and contracted in advance and is based upon the consultant’s degree of expertise, and associate status – Junior Associate, Senior Associate or Firm Partner. Our extremely capable Para-Consults are utilized whenever possible at a significantly less hourly rate.
  • For your convenience, we accept all methods of payment including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Debit, and of course Cheque.