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Customer Retention
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Most people think of loyalty programs as an airline that gives miles to frequent fliers, a hotel that gives points toward a stay or a restaurant that offers a punch card incentive. While these may be called loyalty programs, we would submit they are marketing programs; disguised as loyalty programs.

While we do not have a problem with this concept, we need to have a clear understanding of the differences between loyalty and marketing.

Some customers choose to be loyal to the airline, hotel, restaurant, etc., because of points more than anything else. Human nature kicks in and the “member” of the loyalty program becomes fixated on earning points. That is why passengers will fly an airline with which they have the most points, even if it means paying more for a ticket. The bottom line is that these customer “loyalty programs” do work to drive sales and create repeat customers.


Loyalty is more than just points

Panther wants to take your customer relationship and their loyalty to the next level. It is more than just points; it is more than marketing. It is creating a convenient experience for the customer, one that customers want to use.

  • Think about this - members of the Hilton reward program can download a mobile app to their phones and then use it to check the status of their hotel room, check in when the room is ready and even use the phone as a key to get into the room. All of this without ever having to visit the front desk. Once you learn how to use it, which is a simple process, you find it more convenient to do business with Hilton. Customers have confirmed they stay at Hilton for the ease and convenience, not so much the points.
Loyalty comes with convenience and ease
  • The company that is most convenient and easy to do business with wins The Starbucks app is the perfect example of this. In addition to a rewards program, the customer can use the app to place an order, pay for the order and even access streamed music. As members earn stars toward rewards in the My Starbucks Rewards program, they can redeem the rewards in real time. The app reinforces the Starbucks brand as a lifestyle enhancement.
  • And you can’t talk about loyalty programs without mentioning Amazon Prime. When the program began, the membership fee paid to Amazon provided Prime members with free shipping. Today there is much more. For $99 a year, the program offers not only free shipping, but also other benefits such as live streaming music, movies and TV shows, storage for digital photos and more. Amazon Prime is integrated into the customer’s life. For the person who takes full advantage of the Amazon Prime membership, the benefits can far exceed the annual fee. And as a result of paying for a membership, the customer will buy more often from Amazon. Amazon also offers apps for its website, music, TV, and movies and more.

Customers will remember their experience with a brand long after the discount is gone.

True customer loyalty makes customers’ lives easier.

Reward programs can be a punch card or an app. However, opportunities to interact and build customer loyalty grow exponentially when ease and convenience increase.

It is human nature to stay with a company that is easy to do business with. That is what drives loyalty.

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  • The second telephone consultation will be approximately 30-60 minutes and will be used to discuss the opportunities or challenges you are facing. This is where we do a lot of the talking.
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