Effective Marketing

Effective Marketing
Planning and Implementation.

If you want to understand what motivates customers to purchase your products or services, a top marketing consultant can help you uncover things like consumer motivations, key trigger points, and barriers to purchase.

This specialized type of consultancy may have some cross over at times with an advertising firm, but they are not one and the same. While advertisers are all about getting your message in front of your audience, the best marketing consulting firms go a step beyond that.

Panther use data analytics and technology to determine the different points of your buying cycle to help you understand what message works best at each stage of you target market purchase decisions and with that solid information, we develop an effective marketing strategy and plan.

Marketing the Process

Marketing is a process, with multiple moving parts that can include both offline and online efforts. Without expert guidance, many companies can get stuck at a sales plateau, not knowing exactly how to get out of it to re-energize their business.

Marketing is Integrated

  • Integrated marketing is about so much more than creating a consistent campaign execution. It is about ensuring your message comes to life in a relevant way across every possible channel and consumer touchpoint.
  • It requires an integration of every department within your organization and with your external agency partners and organizational vendors. Everyone needs to work in lockstep. Creative execution needs to build from each element. Customers must seamlessly flow through the purchase funnel to conversion. And optimization & analysis needs to be an ongoing process.
  • Panther can lead your team to integrated marketing success. We can identify gaps in structure, work with your team on developing a comprehensive brief that inspires your creative and media teams and connect you with experts in any aspect of the mix.
The 6 P’s of Marketing

Panther’s uses a strategic and operational use of the 6P’s of marketing and media tools to efficiently propagate a brand, its identity, and its messages. The result: to build two-way, brand focused relationship that results in your target marketing brand preference and choice. Panthers mission is always to create a continuous, long-term purchase of the brand’s products and services by the clients target market. And thereto, a generation of brand equity.

Offline, Online, social media, sales channels, strategic pricing, product innovation, store design, consumer Insight, and strategic market planning. These are the tools of modern Marketing.

At the core of every brilliant marketing program is a powerful brand.

The relationship between marketing and brand is infinitely complex, and success requires expert experience and knowledge of both — individually and in concert with one another.

Marketing is powerless without Brand, and Brand goes nowhere without powerful Marketing.

  • Dealing with Panther Associated is effortless. We are just a short phone call or quick email away to get things started.
  • We always provide two telephone consultations to start all Effective Marketing projects at NO CHARGE.
  • The first telephone consultation will be approximately 30 minutes to take the “nickel tour” of your business to attain very general information of your current business - This is where you do all the talking.
  • The second telephone consultation will be approximately 30-60 minutes and will be used to discuss the opportunities or challenges you are facing. This is where we do a lot of the talking.
  • Various projects may allow us to quote a Flat Fee for the completed project. If an hourly rate is preferred, our hourly rates range from $125.00/hour to $400.00/hour. Rate is specified and contracted in advance and is based upon the consultant’s degree of expertise, and associate status – Junior Associate, Senior Associate or Firm Partner. Our extremely capable Para-Consults are utilized whenever possible at a significantly less hourly rate.
  • For your convenience, we accept all methods of payment including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Debit, and of course Cheque.