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POST® Training and Facilitation.

POST LogoToday’s customers just are not buying traditional product-based presentations. To engage today’s buyers and purchasing decision makers, your sales team associates needs more than a smile or even years of hitting that pavement in that territory.

Real and precise Selling Skills, Cold Calling and Prospector Skills and Negotiating Skills are a learned set of skills. The gift of gab and the charisma persona you can be born with; but that weans on the sales floor over time. Panther’s Optimal Sales Training™, POST®, provides proven sale methods that teaches your sales associates how to stimulate interest, build trust quickly, create added and/or unique value in your products, and close the sale with confidence. Like any craft, practice, practice, practice always brings better results.




Selling Skills with Panther Optimal Sales Training™ (POST®)

Selling Skills Learned

  • Quickly create connections trust with customers using consultative selling techniques.
  • Stand above and differentiate from your competition through a value-focused, Features, Advantages and Benefit sales approach.
  • Achieve “Trusted Advisor” status when you no longer “just a salesperson”.
  • Increase sales by revealing what is most important to the customer and presenting the right solutions from your product mix.
  • Reduce and overcome rejection from customers by adopting the POST® approach to acceptance before the rejection.
Tools for Selling with Panther Optimal Sales Training™ (POST®)

Selling Tools Provided

  • Daily exercises to change who you are from a typical sales professional to a Trusted Advisor.
  • Successful planning for sales by setting specific objectives and using the POST® pre-call planning tool.
  • Planning the opening of sales calls, creating rapport, engaging the customer, and setting a positive tone for closed sale.
  • Using the POST® approach to thoroughly reveal customer needs and smoothly transition into an advisory sales discussion.
  • Effective sale closing methods using POST® closing techniques, insights, ideas, and benefits tailored to your specific customer needs.
  • Handle objections using our POST® rejection technique to uncover and address the customer’s true concern while maintaining trust and credibility as the customers trusted advisor.
Prospecting Skills with Panther Optimal Sales Training™ (POST®)

Prospecting Skills Learned

  • Achieve sustainable prospecting success by using a proven prospecting approach.
  • Increase prospecting effectiveness by pursing high-value prospects and keeping the sales pipeline full.
  • Gain access to more prospects by using skills and best practices to identify prospecting sources and gain referrals.
  • Increase interest by delivering compelling value messages that resonate with prospects.
  • Expertly secure and execute successful first meetings with prospects to gain interest and move the opportunity forward.
  • Maximize prospecting effectiveness through personal branding, networking, and managing online presence.
Tools for Prospecting with Panther Optimal Sales Training™ (POST®)

Prospecting Tools Provided

  • Identify common prospect sources and determine the characteristics of a high-value prospect.
  • Prioritize prospecting efforts through gaining critical prospect data.
  • Create concise value messaging to pique prospect interest.
  • Develop effective qualifying questions to identify high-quality opportunities.
  • Effectively contact prospects by delivering an effective communication framework.
  • Create a strong personal brand that helps ensure a sustainable positive image.
  • Recognize in-person and online networking opportunities to increase prospecting efforts.
Negotiating Skills with Panther Optimal Sales Training™ (POST®)

In today’s sales world, your negotiations need to be win-win focused – without sacrificing margins. That is why your sales team needs Panthers POST® on Sales Negotiations. Sales professionals must know how to understand, assess, prepare, and execute win-win collaborative sales negotiations that maximize value for all involved parties.

Negotiation Skills Learned

  • Achieve increased confidence and skill as a negotiator by applying the proven strategies and skills offered in POST® training.
  • Gain a deeper understanding by recognizing negotiating is not just about the process; instead, success involves the right mindset, preparation, and execution.
  • Leverage the advantage of recognizing and responding to five major negotiation styles.
  • Increase the odds for success by following the POST® pre-preparation kit to pre-assess the situation and the parties involved.
  • Become a skilled collaborative negotiator – creating long-term customer relationships and maximizing value for both you and your client.
  • Handle even the most challenging negotiations by applying proven negotiation best practices and strategies specifically designed to address difficult customer interactions.
Tools for Negotiating with Panther Optimal Sales Training™ (POST®)

Negotiation Tools Provided

  • The POST® map to success, the zigzag road through the interdependent relationships between selling and negotiating, and how to arrive at the perfect ending.
  • Checklists to track the interactions between opponent and partner mindsets when negotiation.
  • Recognize and respond to the behaviors demonstrated by the five major negotiation styles found in POST®.
  • Determine the critical importance of Preparation through the POST® planning tool for successful pre-negotiations.
  • Practice using the POST® seven-step negotiations model to gain the coveted win-win outcome.
  • The POST card will help you Identify and practice a series of best practices designed to handle difficult situations to achieve an enhanced outcome with the customer under pressure.
  • POST Pricing to a win-win happy ending. Select and apply appropriate skills and best practices to successfully handle price negotiations.

Most people think to be good at “selling” you only need to be good at “talking.

The most effective salespeople know that “listening” is the most important talent of the salespersons job.

Sales budgets need to be influenced by a company’s capacity, serviceability, strengths and weaknesses; not by formulated calculating spreadsheets.

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