Sales Growth

Sales growth
Planning and Implementation.

When times are good, sales can seem almost effortless. But when you are not reaching your quarterly or annual goals, finding, and fixing the problem can be a major frustration.

Our expert sales strategists provide guidance and actionable recommendations on a variety of sales-related topics; all aligned with our extensive research on high-performing sales organizations.







Sales Strategy Solutions

Your organization’s sales strategy involves numerous factors in your sales environment – such as value proposition, target markets and customers, your offerings, sales channels, and other elements. Our sales strategy consulting helps you improve sales performance by clarifying your sales strategy and aligning it with your business objectives and resources.

Our areas of emphasis include:

  • Sales strategy alignment
  • Value proposition
  • Pursuit and contact strategies
  • Territory strategies
  • Plan development
  • Change management
Sales Process Solutions

A workable sales strategy needs a clearly defined sales process that aligns with your strategy, strengths, and value proposition. We can help you design a formal sales process from scratch or simply fine-tune your existing sales process.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Client relationship model development
  • Sales process analysis and enhancement
  • Coaching practice development
  • Account planning processes
  • KPI establishment
  • Sales compensation modeling

Sales success is highly influenced by the attitude of the salesperson, not the attitude of the customer or client.

Many times, when a salesperson takes the role of a curious student, rather than the “know-it-all” expert, customers or clients are much more inclined to engage.

Customers who like and respect you are more likely to embrace your solutions to everything they told you.

Dealing with Panther Associated is effortless.
  • We are just a short phone call or quick email away to get things started.
  • We always provide two telephone consultations to start all Sales Growth projects at NO CHARGE.
  • The first telephone consultation will be approximately 30 minutes to take the “nickel tour” of your business to attain very general information of your current business - This is where you do all the talking.
  • The second telephone consultation will be approximately 30-60 minutes and will be used to discuss the opportunities or challenges you are facing. This is where we do a lot of the talking.




  • Various projects may allow us to quote a Flat Fee for the completed project. If an hourly rate is preferred, our hourly rates range from $125.00/hour to $400.00/hour. Rate is specified and contracted in advance and is based upon the consultant’s degree of expertise, and associate status – Junior Associate, Senior Associate or Firm Partner. Our extremely capable Para-Consults are utilized whenever possible at a significantly less hourly rate.
  • For your convenience, we accept all methods of payment including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Debit, and of course Cheque.