Team Building and Retention Strategies

Planning, Development, and Implementation.

Success of a sales plan and overall sales performance has a direct correlation with a cohesive and well supported sales team. Having a cohesive and supported sales team does not happen on its own.

Panther and its team at its affiliate company, Burgess DiMauro Events Management, is an international award-winning event and conference creator and producer. Planning and executing a sales award and recognition event for 10-12 associates; or a team-building multi-day event with 25-200 associates; or an annual conference with 500-2000 plus associates and attendees, Panther will be with you from the first brainstorming meeting until the last attendee arrives home.

We focus on giving your attendees an experience so they will walk away energized, enthused, and raving to friends and colleagues while looking forward to the next gathering. We never take a cookie cutter approach to development of any event regardless of the size. Firstly, its boring for all who attend and secondly, its boring for all who attend (and yes, we would be bored too).




Small Events
  • Whether you are a small or large company, there are times you have a need to only recognize a small number of your associates. Just because it is only 10-12 associates to be recognized, it does not mean they should only receive a night out at a restaurant. Chances are these 10-12 are responsible for 80% of your sales and profit.
  • Our small events team can provide a unique experience, never thought possible at an extremely reasonable cost, and will have staying power in the minds of those who received the recognition.
  • Why go to a restaurant when you can create an exclusive one-of-a-find a pop up restaurant with award winning chefs and custom menus, live soft dinner music; maybe a fireworks display between dinner and dessert and just maybe, an after lounge for a nightcap - the experience can be an off-the-chart wow factor? Just saying.
Medium Events
  • Achieving a sustainable lift in sales performance, sales attitude and sales team commitment is not always achieved during the day to day communications and interactions between associates and company leadership. Not over a night on the town. Maybe a retreat weekend or small conference is what the business doctor ordered.
  • Whether you need to improve morale, show appreciation, reward, inspire, motivate and congeal 25 or 200 plus associates, Panther can work with your management team to achieve objectives through planning, designing, and implementing all aspects of the perfect event where every moment and activity is focused to attain your goals. Plus, you will make your competition jealous and will certainly turn the heads of your competitors’ best people your way.
  • Everything we do for a small event, we do here too, plus, whatever come to mind within our Non-Cookie-Cutter approach. We also do corporate house parties – the ones your guests compare every other house party to for the coming year.
Large, Extra Large and Colossal Events
  • The number of attendees to attend any event directly affects the most basic of variable costs which includes transportation, accommodation, and meals, although a well-run event or conference will brilliantly polish a bare bones event into the impressive stratosphere.
  • Added fixed costs resulting from conference features are amortized across every attendee equally and can make a fantastic conference to “the best of all time” and again, will make your competition jealous turning the heads of your competitors’ best people your way.
  • Hundreds or thousands of hotel rooms, multiple private air charters, ground transportation, menu planning, dine around events, spouse (travel partners) programs, unique night cap events, meeting spaces and all logistics, audio – visual expertise on staff, A-list celebrities, immersive 360 degree interactive dinner gala soiree finale, award winning music and entertainment, activities live action artists and the list goes on and on. Panther will engage your audience and create a memorable experience and set you apart.
  • All our events can be 100% turnkey. From brainstorming, theme and logo identity development, venue and travel booking, entertainment, and program development straight through until the last person arrives back home. Let us talk about it; we can help!

There is nothing more exhilarating and terrifying than the start of planning an event and being at square one.

Luckily for our clients, we and our affiliate, Burgess DiMauro Event Management, thrive on creating events and experiences from the ground up.

We have success at events because we are persistent, we always keep things in perspective.

We work hard behind the scenes and in silence; we let the success of your event make all the noise.

  • Dealing with Panther Associated is effortless. We are just a short phone call or quick email away to get things started.
  • We always begin our Appreciation and Team Building Programs projects with a 30-minute telephone consultation at NO CHARGE.
  • Panthers Appreciation and Team Building Events and Project’s charge as Flat Fee for the completed project. Full project details and rate are specified and contracted in advance.
  • For your convenience, we accept all methods of payment including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Debit, and of course Cheque.