Trade Show Selling and Management

Selling and trade
Planning, Development, and Implementation.

Panther and its partners and affiliated company, Burgess DiMauro Event Management, have 30 years in trade show development, production, and management. It always starts with a brainstorming session with stakeholders and lead direction committees to create a marketing plan outline to determine several key items, such as what is the purpose of the trade show, what is your target audience and target exhibitors, and where would you like to have your trade show.

These several basic things will give you the foundation to begin building your trade show - a successful trade show.

Once you have that foundational piece in place, even a simple Word document will do, Panther will step in and take the vision from a discussion and dream to a reality; as we manage all aspects of the trade show from the first communication to when the last exhibitor leaves the venue.




There is no way to capture the entirety of all the steps of producing a trade show, however, here are the basic parts we do for you and your organization:

Planning begins a minimum of one year in advance of the event

Because of trade show industry constraints, time is needed to plan the theme of your event, the size of attendees you have in mind, your budget, gather sponsors, vendors, entertainment, and book a venue, among other things.


Panther will work with you to determine the objectives of the trade show and the objectives of the exhibitors. We will gather information from colleagues, professional organizations (related to your industry), and event sponsors for expectations and objectives. We also work with your trade show participants and sponsors for data on their past events, the number of attendees and their success matrix thresholds.

Theme Development and Type of Trade Show

Theme and trade show type can have a huge impact on the success of the trade show. These factors play a huge factor in garnering attention from the first contact through all marketing mediums, up to an attendee’s decision to attend or pass on the opportunity to attend.

Venue Selection and Contract

In choosing your venue, Panther will keep in mind your event theme, target market and the size of the trade show that you have in mind; and the activities and accessibility required. Not all trade shows require a huge convention center. Smaller trade shows can be held in a hotel ballroom, banquet hall, or private or public organization rooms.

Plan your layout

Our floor plans accommodate a variety of different types of booths. This allows you, or client to charge a higher premium for booths located at the ends of the aisles and for those that will need more electrical outlets.

Solicitation of Vendors and Exhibitors

Panther will design all collateral marketing materials including but not limited to Vendor/Exhibitor Kits to allow for professional solicitation of prospective participating vendors in the trade show. The Vendor/Exhibitor Kits are designed and produced as a vital and effective sales tool to allow for an effortless closed sale to attaining a vendor’s inclusion in the trade show.

Solicitation of Sponsors

Panther will design all collateral marketing materials including but not limited to Trade Show Sponsorship Kits to allow for professional solicitation of prospective participating sponsors in the trade show. The Vendor/Exhibitor Kits are designed and produced as a vital and effective sales tool to allow for an effortless closed sale to attaining inclusion as a sponsor.



A Panther Trade Show always recommends an entertainment component which suits the theme of the event. Good entertainment can attract crowds and keep them at the event longer. An evening party to open the trade show or close it is a great way to help attendees’ network with each other and vendors and sponsors. In certain situations, entertainers are be mentioned in all collateral marketing materials.


Panther will arrange all catering requirements for your trade show. We have over 30 years experience in the foodservice and hospitality industry and offer high levels of experience to negotiate all catering needs. Whether a full sit-down dinner and soiree for hundreds of attendees, to a lightly catered Meet & Greet event, Panther can take care of the details. If the event is a ticketed event, Panther can provide an online registration and payment portal on the trade show website.

Professionally Produced Vendor/Exhibitor Kit

Panther will produce this Vendor/Exhibitor Kit for hard copy distribution, or the more economical on-line access through an Exhibitor Only Access. This kit is made available 3 months prior to the event.

Marketing Materials

Panther provides a full compliment of relevant marketing materials and mediums including but not limited to tradition mediums and digital marketing mediums. The Panther team has over 30 years marketing and advertising experience.

Event Day Management

Panther is on-site and in full management mode on the day of initial set up, through to trade show tear down. All aspects of the trade show, while in progress and after hours, will remain under Panther and Burgess DiMauro Event Management Management control.

Many large and small businesses are already getting great exposure through social media and other networking channels, but there is still a lot of power in face-to-face connections and events.

Bringing together people at a trade show is an important way to expand your brand exposure.

There is nothing like making a face-to-face connection with one of your customers.


Dealing with Panther Associated is effortless. We are just a short phone call or quick email away to get things started.

We always begin our Selling and Trade Show Management Programs projects with a 30-minute telephone consultation at NO CHARGE.

Panthers Selling and Trade Show Project’s charge as Flat Fee for the completed project. Full project details and rate are specified and contracted in advance.

For your convenience, we accept all methods of payment including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Debit, and of course Cheque.